Music Gleaner welcomes itself to the world

Music Gleaner is a website based off of the idea that collection of tunes is rather large. As such, I honestly don’t think that I listen to nearly enough of it to warrant keeping it all. What do I do then? Well, I’m going to go through the hoarders den of music and review as much as I can, stating at the end whether or not I want to keep it or not. Readers may also get a recommendation or two.

This is a project that I believe will be great fun to work on and will be incredibly productive; two birds, one guitar riff. Now for the nitty gritty: my plans on how I’m going to go about running this circus of beats, notes and voxers. The honest answer is, is that I have no idea. Odds are, I’ll post up a review to keep myself busy, talk about new music as it comes out and maybe do a feature; I’d like to get to meet a few new bands through this, so I can develop a youthful yearning for a band.

We shall see what happens.

As for myself, I don’t see much of a need to talk about myself, so that’ll be kept to a minimum. All you need to know is that I’m a 22 year old music fan that eats more tunes than food.

That should be it for my intro to the world. I’m looking forward to adoring some music and despising some of the other stuff that has been hoarded over the years.

Until next time kids, I’ll leave you with my current music crush:

Lifeformed Dustforce OST


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