Collection Review: TheSet – Neveroddoreven (Single track)

Due to the fact i’m still writing the Anaïs Mitchell review, I thought I’d chuck something nice and quick out for all of the followers out there that are so eager for more material. As such, I gave my music player a wee shuffle and got a track after a click or two.

Tonight I’ll be looking at the tune Neveroddoreven by Canadian post-hardcore band, Theset. By the way, it was a pain to find info and pictures on these guys; cheers for the pain in the arse name.


Little bit of history behind this track. From what I remember/have googled, it was a part of their album, also titled Neveroddoreven, that was released back in 2008. It was also included in the end credits of horror movie Grave Encounters 2, which by the way, wasn’t terrible, but not as cool as the first. Enough foreplay, let’s get to the naughty, mean, guitar-playing, shouty-stylings of Theset.

Neveroddoreven begins life as some sort of noise/ambience, possibly from the track before(?), but quickly enough it breaks into a tapping riff that holds a resemblance to Russian Circles’, Death Rides a Horse. Unlike that band, this one has vocals and some rather nifty ones too! The vocals provided by Martin MacPhail suit the more progressive sound that Theset seem to have in this one song, making the shout and screams as aggressive as can be, without sacrificing those clear cleans.

Thomas Giles, anyone? May need to slow down, Theset aren’t quite as snooker mental as Between The Buried and Me.

Neveroddoreven manages to fit in everything that I love about the heavier side of music, strong beats, thick guitars, balanced vocals (for when I’m feeling slightly fragile) and a tight sound that feels as if it would feel right at home in a live setting.

The question is: do we keep it in the music collection?



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