Updates #2

Hello, how are you all? Not so bad? Glad to hear it. I’m doing aight, just gone food shopping, sorting out job opportunities, thinking about travelling. I’m in love with my own voice right now. Or words. Neither, really.

Awkward pleasantries aside, it’s time for updates on what we’re doing for music next, since we’ve had out reviews for the previous bunch, done and dusted.

The almighty shuffle button has come up with a twist this time: it’s genuinely something I haven’t heard yet. Besides one song from the album.

Incubus and their album, Make Yourself. Five quid to whoever can guess what track I’ve listened to before… did you guess Drive? Course you did.


The shuffle has spoken! That’ll be done soon and while I’m at it, I may as well tell you about a few bands that I’m crushing on right now and will probably get reviews rather sharpish.  Firstly, we have Liverpool strange-rockers, Alpha Male Tea Party. There’s also the Manchester band Cleft and I dare you to type that into Google, by itself, and find them.


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