Summer Cinema 2014

May 1997 and it’s one hell of a warm evening outside the cinema with lines crawling back as far as my eyes could see. Everyone keen. Everyone eager for, more or less, the same thing they got back in 1993. ‘The Lost World: Jurassic Park’, I read to myself. The red sun, the Jurassic park hat on my head and my not so muscular mother will stay fresh in my memory forever. Why? This was the first time I was ever taken to the cinema.

My mother took me after months of pining over the posters of the sequel to my favorite movie ever. Besides playing the recorder and losing a best friend, May 1997 will forever stay in my heart like a first drunk induced love.


Kinda what this post is about, forgive the exposition of a 90s kid gone awry on beer and Bakewell tarts. This year looks like a wonderful year for cinema, something I consider to be a dying art after falling out with cinema for a few years. Why break up with cinema? The answer is simple, no reason to go. Movies that don’t interest, besides the obvious Wolf Of Wall Street, a lot of big releases just seem to be treading boring ground and they tread it carefully, not willing to try new ideas or anything ever remotely fun.

Rehashes seem to be the new black when it comes to movies, unless you’re in the minority. Don’t get me wrong, Gravity looked great fun, but the idea of Sandra Bullock moaning around in space just didn’t interest me. Especially when a friend said to me that Gravity is: ‘Alien, with Alien.’ As you can imagine, my mind recoils in disbelief; ‘What?’ he goes on to explain the use of the unknown as the main plot device in the movie. Which I could see, but c’mon, really? It may be time to watch Gravity.

Coincidentally, is anyone else looking forward to the new rehashes?

Godzilla looks bitchin’ and so does the new Sin City. I’m a massive fan of olde Godzilla movies and would even go as far as saying that I didn’t hate the 98 Godzilla (slate me as a fan all you want). Stick that with a poster that gets me moist and excited in ways that are not acceptable to talk about online and a kick-ass trailer, you can take a guess at how excited I am. And Sin City, well, I’m just a sucker for the graphic novels. Then, not this year but next, we have Jurassic World, which is almost destined to fail, but I remain as eager as I was in 97.


This post basically amounts to me being hopeful that cinemas can win me back into their doors more than once a year. I believe in you, Godzilla, Marv, T-rex and more, I haven’t watched many trailers. Maybe I should just download them?


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