New Music Review – Atoms. – Atoms. EP

Hello everyone, it is once again time for something new to be inspected and judged by my watchful ears. Today, we have London-based six-piece, Atoms. Atoms. is an alt-rock band with occasional leanings of post-rock and even in a track or two on this EP, shoegaz-ie. Their sound is loud, quiet, electronic (sometimes) and ultimately accessible and are said to be for fans of: RadioheadMaybeshewillDeftones65daysofstatic and Explosions in the Sky, will enjoy their sound. At this point in their musical career, it’s definitely easy to see what they’re getting at.

Atoms. EP

The EP starts with Fits and Starts. This opener swells with cello strings and irregular drumming that all just build and melds together with a sickly sweet synth which eventually, just swallows everything into this melodic piano. It’s all very movie soundtrack, moving and then guitars, strumming away to add as much texture as possible. The vocals that come in much later to the track add another layer to the track, but it’s difficult to hear them, this feels intentional, but it would be preferable to hear what our singer has to say. Already, we’re getting this idea of what kind of band we’re dealing with; a compassionate sound that utilises all layers of its sound to create this vast atmosphere.

Splitting Atoms gives the vocals a chance to vocalise themselves above the other instruments, which is a good thing too! This song feels tight, nicely put together and active enough to keep listeners interested, even with the gentle piano solo halfway through. Again, in this song, Atoms. managed to move from bar to bar of their music with elegance and feeling; meaning that you go from the careful guitar to the raw guitar in a matter of seconds. It all feels very prog-rock at this point, but not really flamboyant prog with intense sweeping guitar solos, but a more experimental side; the kind of college experimental.


The next song is a considered slowing of the EP. 1.2.0 offers listeners a relaxing moment in the heavily textured EP so far. At least the start does. The build in this track, feels incredibly fun to listen to, with the instruments coming together and then pulsating out with the vocals. 1.2.0 offers my favourite moments from this EP, with the loud intro, the quiet break and then the crescendo back into the intro/outro; it all feels in place and very implosive, which is what a band like Atoms. are good at.

Howdowemakeitdie, is a suitable ending to this short little journey that Atoms. have agreed to take us on. It’s a slow, beast of a track that blows up like an aggressive drunk halfway through the night, but then simmers down and fades into sleep. The guitars take you home with a sweet and final shimmer of notes. Now you can breathe out and take in the journey.

For a first EP, Atoms. have done a brilliant job of characterising their sound, which is imperative for a band at this stage in their career. It’ll be interesting to see how they evolve over the next few months, until they release their new EP (hopefully in the summer, but we’ll see).

You can buy their debut EP for a name your price, price on Bandcamp.

And you can follow their Facebooks or Twitters.

Do we add it to the collection?

Dayum straight.


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