Collection Review: Ceelo Green – Forget You (Single Track)

Well I’ll be damned if it wasn’t long before I got something that I despise. Me and Ceelo Green go way back to back in Primary School when I lent him a few quid for his lunch; to this day, he never repaid this poor student. Which is the only reason his music annoys me.

‘Really? That’s the only reason?’ Alright, that might not be entirely true. But really, this song and this guy just agitate me. Why it’s in my endless list of music, I will never know. It’s time to shine my torch of judgement over Mr Green.

Forget You was the leading single for Ceelo Green’s 2010 album, lady-killer and was, unfortunately, played a rather large amount. This could be thanks to the fact that the song actually isn’t bad. The only real reason I’ll slate this song is because of Mr Green’s voice. Everything else to do with the song is wonderful. The joyous instrumentation gleams in the background and the chorus booms with uplifting chords. While the music video is certainly very well characterised, with a charming sense of twee about it, I don’t feel it really affects the way that I see the song.

Still, all of this considered, I still find it a real task to love this song, while hearing this guy’s vocals at the front of shop, shouting and squeaking out the vocals. I have to give the man his props for his song-writing, but I just cannot enjoy this song.

Do we keep it in the collection?

Fraid not.


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