Feature Idea – Playlists That Mean Something

While writing a post about my months playlist, I wondered about a playlist of songs that held very strong memories for me. At this point, I had an idea for a project that I wanted to start.

The concept revolved around people submitting a list of songs that hold very special memories for them. I’m talking about songs that put you in a moment so viscerally, that all you can think about is that moment. Not sure why, but the thought of someone listening to a song and having it mean something besides an opinion, excites and interests me.

Think Post Secret, but with music. I want to do a weekly feature where someone submits a playlist and  a short explanation of what each song means to them. Obviously, they can submit this anonymously, or be published with a name.

I’d like people to submit via my email at: musicgleaner@gmail.com

So, if you’d like to contribute, I’d really appreciate it, if not, c’est la vie. I’ll follow up with more details if the project takes off.

To keep the post visual, here’s a picture of a crow in a suit with an umbrella:



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