Collection Review: Alexander DeLarge – Selected Works (Demo Album)

A remnant of my neo-classical phase. I say phase, still to this day do I enjoy a few select artists, such as: World’s End Girl Friend, Yasushi Yoshida and Worrytrain. I downloaded this album back when it came out, back in 2012. It’s also a name your price, so if you like it, check out the Bandcamp. Alexander DeLarge is the protagonist of the critically acclaimed, ultra-violence, novel Clockwork Orange and he is also a neo-classical composer based in Russia. Today, I’m going to be re-listening to his album, Selected Works (Demo Album).


This short album mixes together elements of, classical, of course, trip-hop, IDM and even glitch all rather well, which gives Selected Works, a very versatile and unique feel to it. At times the mixture of some angry glitching is at risk of breaking and destroying the beauty of the classical melodies. However, it simply bends it to the point of no return and then returns it to a fitting and wondrous return. This is most apparent in tracks like: Cellar Door, Nocturne and Last Record From Earth. It’s this flexible fragility that makes releases, such as this one, so interesting to listen to.

Alexander also manages to mix in little sprouts of post-rock, although this is most obvious in Last Record From Earth and Desolate Memories. In the former you have ambitious, explosion of sound, including guitars and percussion that add so much to an albums finisher. For Desolate Memories, the guitars are used as a backing instrument, to add another layer to the thickness of the sound that is being piled on. This does actually work; the guitar wails quietly away in the background while the piano leads you hand in hand through the growing drum loops and haze of music.

This haze, could swallow up listeners quite happily, were it not for the song that comes after, Nocturne. This song uses a very interesting and kind of jazzy lead piano with a drum loop that’s really glitched out. It sounds really cool, but it would have been nice to see this idea expanded on. Although the album is not bad, it would have been preferred if we could see this different side of the musician. The point is that this sort of music is very experimental and as such, you can use so many different things to keep it interesting. See Kashiwa Daisuke’s album 5.Dec for a stunning sound. To see this album, expand on the experimental ideas that it did have, briefly, could have really set this album apart from the others.

This small album does still have plenty to offer any fans of classical, IDM and trip-hop; it’s also a name your price album, so if you like what you’ve heard, you should give it a go. Check out Alexander DeLarge’s Bandcamp.

Will it stay in the collection?

It will.


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