New Music Review – Moonlit Sailor – We Come From Exploding Stars

Recently, I made a post about some of the best albums to listen to while you work or write late into the night and on that list was Swedish post-rockers Moonlit Sailor. Little did I know at the time that just under a month ago, they released a brand new album. Complete with beautiful album art, which we’ve come to expect from these guys now anyway, but still.

Now, I’m no fan-girl when it comes for Moonlit Sailor (yes I am), but I instantly goshed and O-M-G’d all over the shop. While we do have the more veteran post-rockers like, Mono, putting out newish material for us to turn to, but, it doesn’t sound quite as refined, epic and passionate as Moonlit Sailor’s newest release, We Come From Exploding Stars.

a1235811192_2Moonlit Sailor have almost always opted for a positive tone to their songs, which is a welcome change from a lot of moody post-rockers, and it’s nice to see that they’ve stuck with this formula. However, it’s even nicer to see that the band have grown and composed some genuinely striking moments of emotion. A combination of major key compositions with optimistic song-writing make for one grand album, which is exactly what you get with this new Moonlit Sailor effort.

Moments where the instruments spark around the studio seemingly randomly and uneventfully always turn into this satisfying clash of music. For example, when a guitar plays a lonely little riff, to suddenly be accompanied by the bass, drums and another instrument, it all clicks and works so seamlessly.

The first track on the album, Minutes From Somewhere Else, sticks out beautifully in it’s gorgeous sounds, it’s uplifting build-up and ultimately emotive climax that lets you know, you are listening to ‘hope’ being turned into a musical format by four Swedish gents. To be honest, it’s very difficult to talk about this album without just getting a sample, pointing when something cool happens and just being like: “I know, right!?” when it happens.

I know, right?! That being said, there are plenty of moments on here that are interesting and showcase, not a new direction, but how Moonlit Sailor is expanding and becoming a major contender to post-rock veterans like Explosions In The Sky.

The song, Dollar Underwater is a magical experience of a song that really shows off how well Moonlit Sailor gels as a band. The drums are prominent, the bass is naughty and the guitars shine bright like a diamond. Also intro after the drum sequence at the start sounds inhuman in the best possible way; was it a wizard? The breakdown near the end is also extremely neato. Before that, we have a short number, Into The Fray, that’s led by a synth and twinkly wee piano; give it a few seconds and the quiet, rest of a moment is taken over by a kaleidoscope of sound that is over before you can say, delay.

Some people could argue that We Come From Exploding Stars, might become too sickly sweet after a few listens and  that’s cool. This album might not be for people that enjoy their post-rock with the deep, crushing atmosphere that you’d expect from Godspeed You! Black Emperor, but with Moonlit Sailors, you get something else. A very different type of post-rock that uplifts and soundtracks the more hopeful and graceful periods of everyday life. There are many moments in this album that I haven’t mentioned, in fact, I don’t think I’ve done the album much justice at all, but that’s because, like a lot of music, this is something that you should experience first ear.

Welcome to the soundtrack of all those moments in Spring and Summer that you wish you could remember forever.

If you love what you’ve heard, head over to their Bandcamp and grab a copy of We Come From Exploding Stars, it’s a name your price album and worth every penny you pay, or not.

Does this deserve a spot in your collection?

In a short answer, yes. In a long answer, yeeeeeessssssss.


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