March’s Albums Of The Month

Trying to keep this blog feature active, since the other one didn’t work out so well. The idea is to post a few of my favourite albums from March, these might not have been released that month, but I’ll have been listening that month. I will get some from that month in though (if they aren’t shit).

Let’s get this flea circus tickin’.

Elbow – The Take Off and Landing of Everything


Although this album didn’t really convert me to the Elbow craze rocket that everyone always seems to be going on about, I did enjoy some of the songs on this album and from the songs I’ve heard, it feels a lot better than the previous albums (that’s right fans, come get me), but I’ll have to have a proper listen around at some point.

The Megadudes – Postcards From The Past


Released on the 3rd of March, this power-pop outfit rocked onto scenes with an exciting debut packed full of power-chords and character that gave listeners a very immediate idea about who The Megadudes are and what they’re about. Which is? Catchy tunes, fun rock music and not taking the scene they inhabit too seriously. I also had a look at Postcards From The Past, a week or so ago, check that out, here.

Tycho – Awake


The follow up to Tycho’s 2011 effort, Dive, may not have been praised as much as it should have been, but, Awake was a solid effort from one of the more interesting IDM artists out there. I personally, would like to see Tycho take a page from Trentmoller’s book and incorporate some vocals into his next album. Even if it would nice to hear a voice in the journey of this album, it’s still a solid album that I enjoyed. Very angst ridden.

Gregory Porter – Liquid Spirit

liquid spirit

Good ol Mr Jazz hat released this carefully considered jazz album back in September last year, but, I heard Water Under Bridges and work and fell in love. Gregory Porter, has put together a gentle collection of tunes for the broken of hearts, the needy and more importantly, for the the people. A very enjoyable jazz album that requires a rainy night lit with nothing more than a desk lamp and an accompaniment of your thoughts.

Moonlit Sailor – We Come From Exploding Stars

a1235811192_2Inspiring-core post-rockers Moonlit Sailor, released We Come From Exploding Stars last month and I was rather late to their ill-lit party, but it definitely deserves a mention. These guys mix some new styles into the mix of their uplifting status quo and as such, have grown as artists. Nice to see them remaining consistent with the strength of their releases. This is another one I took a closer look at, right over there.

Between The Buried And Me – Colors

660f815b1d93A very crafty purchase from work. This bad boy was released back in 2007 and still remains as one of my top albums, ever. Colors is also, what I consider to be, Between The Buried And Me’s most unforced, eclectic release. These guys jump into different genre breakdowns a lot and on this album it feels tighter, less flamboyant and a lot more consistent than their most recent album,The Parallax II: Future Sequence. Also, dat intro song man.

I’ll have to add some more later, cause I’m almost positive that I’ve forgotten something. Let me know what your top albums of March are!


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