New Music Review – Levi Civita – Event Horizon (demo track)

a0263113042_10Local bands are always that and a bag of potato chips, especially when you know a member of them so you can get free swag and other such nonsense. However, they do also offer some of the best talent you’ve never heard of; sometimes. In this case, we all get a special first look at Nottingham based prog-metalheads, Levi Civita.

Levi Civita has released their debut studio track, Event Horizon, after tearing it up at the local battle of the bands. What have we learned from seeing them live and listening to their first bit of studio material? That this band has a lot to offer the music scene and the collective ears of said scene.


Event Horizon shows listeners what the band are all about, and if you’re going off of what you can hear, then you’ll get an impression of stellar twinkling guitars, blissful synths and rythemic bass. That is, until the world comes crashing down around a wall of distortion and intense sound. At times, the tracks can sound somewhat like Russian Circles, or even the harder sections of instrumental Oceansize, but what it all amounts to is this: tight songwriting and music that tantalises .

The band itself, offers up five members, each uniquely talented with their weapons of choice. What might also interest any potential listeners is that the track was recorded in two hours, one dreamy almost spring Sunday, which more than shows off the band’s proficiency music and their knowledge of the technical wizardry behind it. Two guitarists offer up the majority of the texture for this track, but live tracks have much more attack from the instruments, especially the bass.

More tracks should be coming soon. As such, we’ll be sure to keep an eye on these gents as they raise up through their well put together scene of metal, maths and mechanical mayhem.

Right now, the band are selling their track for a ‘name your price’, price and it would be great to see these guys get some support. So head on over to their Bandcamp and contribute some wonga.

You can also follow the lads on Facebook and Twitter.



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