Updates #5

Another busy few days and weeks and I haven’t had as much time as I’ve wanted to really get stuck into my blogging. Hopefully when I have all my coursework in, I’ll be able to focus on contacting bands and featuring them and maybe getting interviews. After all, I like to think I’m an amiable young man.

Last Monday, I got to see one of my heroes, Jamie Lenman in practice and the doctor of jazz-folk-core was just as incredible as I imagined him to be. Especially when he dropped No One Wins The War, which, by the way, was populated (heavily) by grinning moshers and Reuben fans.

I’ve also been playing lots of Dark Souls II, but I’m a scrub so I’m progressing at a snails not so eager pace.

As usual, if bands do still want to get in contact with me, for reason x, y, or even z, just drop me a line at musicgleaner@gmail.com. I bite.

Here is a picture of my current wallpaper, downsized, ofc. 1980×1080 master-arse/race!


Updates #4


Band o’ The Week #2

Thought I’d forgotten about my new feature? Not a chance. This week, we’re leaving the strange odd-strumental stylings of Can Can Heads and we’re taking a louder approach to things.

This week I’m featuring the stoner metal-heads from Denmark, Pet The Preacher. These guys released their second full length album last Friday (April 25th), titled The Cave & The Sunlight and it has to be said, it’s a rather kickass release.

10294446_817611621600248_6972648451610795684_nBand: Pet The Preacher
Album: The Cave & The Sunlight
Genre: Stoner-metal
Social Media: Facebook/Napalm Records ( I couldn’t find anywhere else to buy the album, so I’ve just linked it here)

This album is an incredibly strong and powerful release; as with all good stoner-metal band releases you have heavy drumming, loud vocals and proud guitars. When listening to this album, I couldn’t help but feel this sense of power, especially when listening to Let Your Dragon fly. You just can’t help but feel that desire to do anything.

However, again, like all great stoner-metal bands, they must show versatility and these guys do. There are slower rock out sessions which rely more-so on this drawn out guitar solos that burn over the rest of the track. And when these guys push the gear up and bring out a surprising riffing session during one of these slower moments, it’s just mental.

What I’m trying to get across, is that this is a killer second album and brings back memories of bands like The Melvins and Red Fang. If you like either of those bands, give these guys a listen, if not, give them a harder listen.

New Music Review – Fargo – Yaron (EP)

a3080318717_10Band: Fargo
EP: Yaron
Genre: Post-rock, instrumental
Social Media: Facebook/Bandcamp

Fargo is an instrumental post-rock band from Germany that have recently put out a name your price EP, called, Yaron. The guys all stick to what they know with spacious guitars, tight beats and smooth bass to hold everything together. Initially, I was worried that everything would sound a little crescendo-core for me, but thankfully the lads stay away from that messiest of crescendos by keeping the listener guessing with their instrumentation.

Königsberg is a seaport city and also the bands first song on this EP, as you’d expect, the song builds itself around the quiets and the silences that the band utilise to create a very wide-open space of sound. The song does eventually gain power and when it does, it’s best heard through a loud set of speakers, just so you can hear every layer of sound lapping over itself to reign supreme.

The second, and final tune, Leipzig, which is also a city in Germany (starting to see the theme here), meanders a lot more, but feels a lot more intense. It relies on a some lightly distorted guitars to build these incredibly textured riffs around the desperate drums, and thick bass, that sound off prominently in the background. All I can imagine when the song finally comes to an end, is how tired the drummer must be; the drums are  fierce and proud throughout the entire piece.

This second EP is a safe second release by the German post-rockers and I’m looking forward to hearing them experiment a bit more. Maybe chuck some tasteless synths in there and see what you can do, who knows? Music is fun. Remember, the EP is name your price, so why not pay a spell, every little helps for these bands; these bands that spend all their time and effort making music and releasing it to the wolves of name your price.

New Music Review – Obsidian Kingdom – Fingers In Anguish (video)

coverBand: Obsidian Kingdom
Album: Mantiis
Genre: Experimental metal
Social Media: Facebook/Bandcamp/Twitter

Obsidian Kingdom have had a difficult past of not being allowed into genre specific parties, simply because it’s not been easy to classify their sound. Although a lot of people would dub them, experimental, which is the lazy mans (and the best answer) for music that escapes us.

Obsidian Kingdom are having a reissue of their debut LP, Mantiis, released at the bum end of this year. This album received very little spotlight time during it’s initial release, which is a shame, because the concept of the album was very interesting. Very similar to GodSpeed You! Black Emperor, the band took a single song and divided it into 14 tracks, all of which showcase an massive amount of emotion and genres.

Last week, the band released a video for their song, Fingers In Anguish, an unsettling track off of Mantiis that slows everything down and, to be honest, almost feels uncomfortable to listen to. The vocals are murmured and the instrumentation is minimally grim; there’s atmosphere aplenty as the smaller sounds, like the flutters of drums and the strums of a guitar dance around the track.

The video itself looks like a compilation of selfies taken with an iPad or similar device, which seems to be a growing trend for music videos, but again, it adds to the effect. The vocalist looks equally as miserable in every shot, even if he is cleaning up that hair, but it works with the overall sound.

Not to mention that every sound on this track sounds incredible. A shape of things to come if you’ve never heard Mantiis in it’s entirety before. In other words, take the hint and listen to the whole album, or just wait for the re-release of this incredibly eerie and unique musical trip.

Band o’ The Week #1 – April

Another new feature where I will try my best to find a new band that I’ve never heard before and place them at the top. Odds are I’ll bitch out and pick some other band that I’ve heard beforehand, but more often than not, I’ll put a band I’ve never heard before, that have impressed me, at the top.

This week, we have the incredible odd-strumental rockers, Can Can Heads.


Band: Can Can Heads
Album: Butter Life 
Genre: Crazy
Social Media: Bandcamp/Facebook

Can Can Heads and their album Butter Life, released on the bum end of last month have made it to my band o’ the week, simply because their stuff is strange as dicks! This long, 19 track album will control all the peculiar things in your life as it alternates from strange to stranger in strum of a single chord.

Every song is a short, punchy attack on everything you believed to be simple and right with music.

Very much reminiscent of when I first saw Kong, live. They challenged me with unshaven crotches and ball-sack lights.

I wish that was just some drunken allusion, but it’s not.

You can pick up this mental in the face EP for relative cheaps from their Bandcamp and enjoy never feeling the same way about music ever again. Just click the bandcamp page above!

Playlist #2 April 2014

Almost forgot I’ve done one of these before. Been kinda regressing to music that I haven’t heard in ages this month. Got some heavy stuff, got some less heavy stuff and there’s also some ass-shaking stuff for all you booty-shakers out there. Like me.

April’s Playlist:

Jamie Lenman again? Absolutely! I’m off to see him in London on the 21st and I couldn’t be more excited, I tell ya. For Easter, I’m going to be missing in action around the UK for abit, but again, I (should) have a few posts lined up for any readers out there.

Here’s a picture of some nice graffiti I saw on the trek to work the other day. The day was not lovely, but it’s the thought that counts kind artist!