New Music Review – Lone – 2 is 8 (track)


Local to me musician, Lone/Matt Cutler, sounds nothing like you’d imagine he would. I mean, with bands that have names like Slowdive and sound like ‘Slowdive’, you could easily be tricked. But no. Lone offers listeners a mixture of house, garage, IDM and sometimes ambient music, all of which sound rather happy and generally, not lone(ly). Dummy Magazine called his sound, dream-rave, which I can definitely get on board with. I enjoyed Galaxy Garden a lot in my second year of uni, it energetic, colourful and a pleasing departure from the house music that I was use to. A lot like the album art.

Now comes the time for a new release from this gent. 2 is 8 is a track from the upcoming album, Reality Test, that’s due out in June 16th. In spite of the long wait, we have a track to moisten our music pallets and keeps us gagging for more.  Does it do that? Yes and no.

2 is 8, works, make no mistake, however I do have some quarrels with it (not many), but still. The track has a killer sound to it. The sample that Matt uses in this song is perfect, it’s catchy and it feels lively. That being said, I’m feeling like this track is a slightly too… vanilla? It’d be nice to see Lone really messing around on this album, pushing the boundaries of what his music is about. This is, afterall, his second album with R&S Records and it feels like they should have that kind of trust right now.

Petty grievance aside. I love the synths, the beat that he uses in this track and it still feels like typical Lone style, which is nice. And let me just say how much I adore the sample that he’s used again, because it is insanely catchy and mesmerising. It’s the same kind of mesmerising as the new Black Keys track, Fever, but a whole lot more interesting.


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