New Music Review – WTCHES – Over Kilmer (video)



Song: Over Kilmer (video)
Genre: Noise-rock, math-rock
Social Media: Facebook/Bandcamp/Twitter

WTCHES are a Canadian post-punk/noise-rock band that have certain inclines to the creepier edge of witch house music. Not really, but they use a lot of similar imagery in their social media, video and their name. To make sure I’m not going to be turned into a boil covered toad, I decided it best to give this a fair few listens. Initially, the song didn’t really grind well with me, but like a slow building hex, it grew and fixed it’s way into my body. Next thing I know, my foot was tapping along.

Over Kilmer is the bands song about being over Heat star, Van Kilmer. Which might explain why this is so peculiar. Over Kilmer is from WTCHES EP, It’s Not A Cross, It’s A Curse! and my sources tell me that it’ll be printed on rather saucy, white vinyl and released on April 8th.

As for the song itself, it’s a mess of increasingly aggressive dissonant guitars, vocals and sneakily catchy drums. The vocals suit the style incredibly well, adding every inch of sinister atmosphere that this sound is deserving of. When the vocals aren’t droned into a microphone, we get some epic breakdowns from the guitar, trying to vent it’s desires. There never seems to be any negative space in this song as well, which is interesting; whenever there could be a pause or some sort of stop, an instrument steps it’s game up. Said instrument goes from adding atmosphere, to being a central point of curiosity.

I love the way the bass sounds after about half-way through, it turns into this heavy head stomping, off the rails riff that the other instruments just have to mingle with.

If you fancy some music to sacrifice what little belief you had left in society, overdose on WTCHES.


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