New Music Review – C.A.S.S – Evolve (EP)



Band: C.A.S.S
EP: Evolve
Genre: Rock and metal, metal, blues
Social Media: Facebook/Bandcamp/Twitter

C.A.S.S are a Nottingham based foursome that can’t really be nailed to a single genre, but can have numerous ones pinned against them. Most notably, you have some stronger elements on metal or sludge in the rhythms and tempos used, but there are bluesy solos occasionally dropped in. This mixture of genres is explained with bands like, Slash, Mastodon, Black Stone Cherry and Black Sabbath, influencing their sound.

Last month, these gents put out their debut EP, Evolve and I thought it might be time to go about talking about it.  The bands influences and a few more can be heard from the get go, with some clever guitars, a versatile sound to the vocals and some influenced riffs taking part. in this metal, sleazeball of an EP.

Opener Consider This takes the high road and instead of going for a speedy, mish-mash of an album opener, they go for a technical tune with some cow-bell and pleasingly hot solos.

Revolutions‘ intro sounds strikingly similar to Psychosocial, by the metal band The Slipknot, but does a good job of changing things up with more interesting riffs and some slow brooding jams along the way. Near the end of the song, there’s also a killer Slash style solo that tickles it’s way around the fret-board incredibly well.

Silhouette is a slow burner that gives us a chance to listen to some clean guitar in the raw wall of high-gain; a calming moment in the storm. Said moment is very brief, as soon after we jump into some moody power chords and guitar bends. This song also gives the vocals a chance to shine a little bit as well, the majority of the time, they feel swallowed up by the other Goliaths in the mix.

That being said, the best song on this EP, has to be the last track, Swallowing Dice. The track builds, it explodes and it shows off everything that C.A.S.S seem to be about. The percussion and drumming on this track also sound incredible, although it’d be nice to see them brought forward a bit more in the production. I do have a few niggles with the production on this album, but it is a debut and it does a great job, so props.

Overall, a fun first flaunt into the recording world for C.A.S.S. It’s exciting to think about where this band can go with their influences, their talented playing and their rather unique vox.

I believe in C.A.S.S and if you do too, go and grab their album from Bandcamp.


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