New Music Review – Owel – Snowglobe (video)


Band: Owel
Song: Snowglobe (video)
Genre: Ambient, post-rock
Social Media: Facebook/Bandcamp/Twitter

Owel are quintet post-rock, alt-rock band that are on rise from New York and New Jersey. Owel have very recently, 2nd April, released their debut full length album and the story so far is that this band, have got some big stuff going on. They seem to be mixing together some very cool and elegant elements of bands like Sigur Rós, Saycet, Mogwai, and other post-rock/IDM sounding bands. This wonderful mixture can do wonders for a bands sound, especially if paced correctly. Like Owel have done.

For now though, I’m just looking at the track, Snowglobe and it’s fancy new video.

I love how delicate the track sounds at the begging, with the ethereal vocals gliding over the icy surface of the sound; very Sigur Rós. Other elements of the song are introduced and the song slowly builds with strings, glockenspiels (?), wee percussive beats and all these little textures that add so much to it all.

Obviously, the song does that post-rock thing of exploding, but it’s welcome on this track. It doesn’t feel like it’s going through the motions at all and you feel like the track deserves this explosive breakout. Especially when everything goes all quiet. Perfect intimate gig moment right there.

After said gig moment, you get the chills moment; exquisitely planned musical moments in just seven minutes. The way this song travels through these moods is absolutely killer, it moves carefully and considerately with these alternating guitars and keys building the song up throughout. When it finally does get to that ‘moment’ it feels deserved and well tempered.

The video is also rather snazzy and fits the song down to a skinny fit tee.



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