New Music Review – Post War Glamour Girls – Pink Fur


Band: Post War Glamour Girls
Album: Pink Fur
Genre: Music
Social Media: Facebook/Bandcamp/Twitter

Post War Glamour Girls are an exciting new, rock, post-punk, progressive-rock, band that I came across through Twitter, completely by accident. It really is that easy to stumble across fantastic music through social media recommendations. Thank you Twitter! Today we’re going to be taking a look at their February release, Pink Fur, which so far seems to have flown beneath the radar. After hearing Pink Fur, I just can’t understand why.

The sound of PWGG is incredibly hard to nail down to just one genre; every part of the band screams versatility. That being said, it ‘s plain to see that we have some jilted metal guitars, some jagged basses and some drumming that is all over the shop (as it must be for this sort of band). Both singers are incredibly talented and deliver incredibly unique vocals. One of the best examples of the versatility of their voices resides in the track Stolen Flowers Rust. The rest of the band also move in and out of the serene to the brutality with ease. It’s a good fun track that shows off just how versatile this band is.

There are moments where I think they have something like Kill It Kid going, but a lot less bluesy. And then there are other times when I think Nick Cave, but again, it’s hard to pin down, especially when they rock out tracks like Jazz Funerals or Black Dolphin. Both tracks set the band apart from what they’ve been doing with the majority of the album, which is becoming increasingly off the chain and down right rude. But moments like Black Dolphin, cut up the album and show that these guys are more than over-the-top anger-core.

The over-the-top moments are fun though. There’s something there that just says ‘you can get into this and you should get others into it’. Sestra smacks around with kooky hooks and vocals that holler and holler until the end of time, but the bassists heavenly vox split this thing apart and add some really nice pacing to the track. These guys really seem to get their pacing, right on target as they move through the quiet moments and the louder movements, but you could speculate that they seem to follow a similar formula; granted, said formula has awesome hooks and vocals, but there isn’t much changing beyond that. Hardly a complaint really.

I think their track Brat, really does it for me the most. They drop some radio sample in there and we get some nice drops of accent in there and when accent comes through in just the right way, it’s a real belter for a singer. There’s also this brassy overzealous chorus choir thing going on that is so exaggerated, it’s just massive and brilliant. Then there’s also this moment of immense intensity as the band builds to their final outro. After that everyone seems to be shouting ‘pink fur’ and then I’m shouting it while running around and then I’m accused of never making love and everything is over.

Is Pink Fur a good album? Yes. Is Pink Fur something more unique and interesting than you could know unless you actually give them a go? Hell fucking yes.



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