New Music Review – Fargo – Yaron (EP)

a3080318717_10Band: Fargo
EP: Yaron
Genre: Post-rock, instrumental
Social Media: Facebook/Bandcamp

Fargo is an instrumental post-rock band from Germany that have recently put out a name your price EP, called, Yaron. The guys all stick to what they know with spacious guitars, tight beats and smooth bass to hold everything together. Initially, I was worried that everything would sound a little crescendo-core for me, but thankfully the lads stay away from that messiest of crescendos by keeping the listener guessing with their instrumentation.

Königsberg is a seaport city and also the bands first song on this EP, as you’d expect, the song builds itself around the quiets and the silences that the band utilise to create a very wide-open space of sound. The song does eventually gain power and when it does, it’s best heard through a loud set of speakers, just so you can hear every layer of sound lapping over itself to reign supreme.

The second, and final tune, Leipzig, which is also a city in Germany (starting to see the theme here), meanders a lot more, but feels a lot more intense. It relies on a some lightly distorted guitars to build these incredibly textured riffs around the desperate drums, and thick bass, that sound off prominently in the background. All I can imagine when the song finally comes to an end, is how tired the drummer must be; the drums are  fierce and proud throughout the entire piece.

This second EP is a safe second release by the German post-rockers and I’m looking forward to hearing them experiment a bit more. Maybe chuck some tasteless synths in there and see what you can do, who knows? Music is fun. Remember, the EP is name your price, so why not pay a spell, every little helps for these bands; these bands that spend all their time and effort making music and releasing it to the wolves of name your price.


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