Band o’ The Week #2

Thought I’d forgotten about my new feature? Not a chance. This week, we’re leaving the strange odd-strumental stylings of Can Can Heads and we’re taking a louder approach to things.

This week I’m featuring the stoner metal-heads from Denmark, Pet The Preacher. These guys released their second full length album last Friday (April 25th), titled The Cave & The Sunlight and it has to be said, it’s a rather kickass release.

10294446_817611621600248_6972648451610795684_nBand: Pet The Preacher
Album: The Cave & The Sunlight
Genre: Stoner-metal
Social Media: Facebook/Napalm Records ( I couldn’t find anywhere else to buy the album, so I’ve just linked it here)

This album is an incredibly strong and powerful release; as with all good stoner-metal band releases you have heavy drumming, loud vocals and proud guitars. When listening to this album, I couldn’t help but feel this sense of power, especially when listening to Let Your Dragon fly. You just can’t help but feel that desire to do anything.

However, again, like all great stoner-metal bands, they must show versatility and these guys do. There are slower rock out sessions which rely more-so on this drawn out guitar solos that burn over the rest of the track. And when these guys push the gear up and bring out a surprising riffing session during one of these slower moments, it’s just mental.

What I’m trying to get across, is that this is a killer second album and brings back memories of bands like The Melvins and Red Fang. If you like either of those bands, give these guys a listen, if not, give them a harder listen.


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