Updates #5

Another busy few days and weeks and I haven’t had as much time as I’ve wanted to really get stuck into my blogging. Hopefully when I have all my coursework in, I’ll be able to focus on contacting bands and featuring them and maybe getting interviews. After all, I like to think I’m an amiable young man.

Last Monday, I got to see one of my heroes, Jamie Lenman in practice and the doctor of jazz-folk-core was just as incredible as I imagined him to be. Especially when he dropped No One Wins The War, which, by the way, was populated (heavily) by grinning moshers and Reuben fans.

I’ve also been playing lots of Dark Souls II, but I’m a scrub so I’m progressing at a snails not so eager pace.

As usual, if bands do still want to get in contact with me, for reason x, y, or even z, just drop me a line at musicgleaner@gmail.com. I bite.

Here is a picture of my current wallpaper, downsized, ofc. 1980×1080 master-arse/race!


Updates #4


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