New Music Review – BRITNEY – BRITNEY (Album)

a2503664045_10Band: BRITNEY
Genre: Loud n’ girthy
social Media: Facebook/Soundcloud

BRITNEY are a three-piece headcase, from Scotland that have a pre-disposition for short tunes that molest your ears with fingers like knives. What do they sound like? Sound and noise, or to put a name to the sound, Manchester’s naughtiest of exports, Kong.

BRITNEY is a monster on the run from the madhouse and with foam drench lips, it feasts on whatever innocence you had left, in a dark and gloomy corner of Edinburgh. Whilst listening through the short, 11-minute album, it occured to me, that words couldn’t really do this album much justice.

That being said, there is plenty for listeners to enjoy, so long as they don’t mind their thumpin’ tunes jagged, jarring and incredibly agitated. At the end of the day, isn’t that what we’re all really searching for in a sex-partner/band-crush?

Course it is.

Give the album, a listen, a buy, whatever, but support this bands right to make messy tunes and albumart-core albums. More art from this artist, please.

Girthy as fuck.



New Music Review – Dragster – Lou L’enfer Chasseur de Dragons (Video)

Band: Dragster
Song: Lou L’enfer Chasseur de Dragons
Genre: Noise-rock, garage-rock
Social Media: YouTube( Can’t find anymore!)

Long post title, good grief! Dragster, are a French rock band that make loud noises with their mouths, their strings and their drum set. It’s got an aggressive sound to it that you may expect to find in a noise-rock outfit, but there’s also a lo-fi vibe about them; something akin to what you may hear from a garage rock band.

Dragster’s newest video, Lou L’enfer Chasseur de Dragonswhich was released on May 28th. The video shows the band having a ball slaying a dragon for burgers and props and as you an see, the band’s budget is incalculable.

Not much to say about this track really, it’s a quick, to the pointless, door-kicking song that thunders on for just about 2mins and makes use of some chunky guitar tones. The insane vocals became so over-the-top at some points, it’s silly, but also catchy. ‘Ooh Ohh ahh ahh!”

Loving the sound so far, but I need more ways of keeping up-to-date with these guys! Please make a Facebook page and conform for us all.

‘Bah’, bleated the sheep.

Playlist #3 ‘Late Night Comedown (And around and around)’ May 2014

This is a wee playlist I put together to listen to when I’m up late (often) and just fancy some tunes to mangle the silence.

Late Night Comedown (And around and around)

Bloc Party – Song For Clay (Disappear Here)
Shivaree – Goodnight Moon
Tegan and Sara – Call It Off
Foo Fighters – Walking After You
Radiohead – Nude
Massive Attack – Karma Coma
Suuns – Minor Work
New Order – True Faith
The Captains Intangible – Any Other Way
Wintersleep – Insomnia
A Whisper In The Noise – Into You
Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight, Tonight
Stereophonics – Maybe Tomorrow
Oceansize – Cloak

For once, I tried to get everything to flow into the other, it didn’t exactly work, but it doesn’t seen to jarring. By the by, I think Nude and Cloak are probably two of the sexiest tracks ever, just sayin’.

Also, not really related to the playlist, but damn son, Hafdis Huld’s new album! Shit is so cash, it’s unreal.

Have some art/my current wallpaper too, just to keep this all visual and stuff.


Band O’ The Week #3

a2048097338_10Band: Iserlohn 
Album: Standing Still Is A Great Deceiver
Genre: Post-rock, ambient, IDM
Social Media: Facebook/Bandcamp/Soundcloud/YouTube/Last fm

After a brief hiatus from this feature, it’s back, with more bells and whistles than ever before; I say that, there’s nothing new about this feature.

This week we’re giving the band o’ the week title to post-rock/ambient band, Iserlohn. These guys are from my home town of Bristol and they’ve recently released their debut album, Standing Still Is A Great Deceiver, which can be bought for a name your price, price. By the by, just because they’re from my home town, it does not make me biased in anyway (yes it does).

This debut is lengthy journey through the stars created with bleeps bloops and twinkles. The very long and drawn out style the band is using is very reminiscent of other acts like: Helios, A Winged Victor For The Sullen and other bands that utilise slow-tempos and peaceful arrangements that take the listener away beyond clutter and anger.

What you might enjoy most about this album, are the moments where things pick up, like when a beat kicks in after some progressive build-up. Or when everything gets hazy with fuzzy synths. It shows versatility and thankfully, not in the brassy tart kind of way that just involves slapping something un-involved onto the track.

Iserlohn are young and full of energy, granted the energy is reserved and calm, but none the less. Keep an eye on this lot in the future.


New Music Review – FANGE – Poisse

a0125800795_10Band: FANGE
EP: Poisse
Genre: Sludge, metal
Social Media: Bandcamp

I’m learning so much from this blog, did you know that ‘fange’ means mire (a word for a complicated or unpleasant situation from which it is difficult to extricate oneself in) French? Neither did I. I also didn’t know what ‘mire’ meant, but enough about my ignorance.

FANGE are a relatively new (they got together in the bum end of last year) French sludge metal band that dropped their debut EP, in April and I’ve been given a chance to look at the nasty, abrasive and massive sounds of said EP, Poisse.

From the get go here, there are grotesque riffings and beats that could possibly deafen a Boris fan. There’s also a lot of noise and feedback, much like a Boris release also, but this feels more focused on clouding the listeners hearing with these colossal monsters of sound. These guys like to change up the tempo of their songs a lot as well, which makes for this exciting assault on the ears.

The first song, Grêle Molle, is testament to this style of no hostages sludge metal that does not let up in the slightest. It’s loud, the guitars sound thick and snarly, the drums are punchy and the bass is brutal. The track, Cloches Fendues has  a naughty bassline at the start, just before we’re mugged of our hearing.

Something I found particularly enjoyable with this release was the long, drawn out tune, Suaire. It swims around in noise and drums for a good while before the song’s motion begins to move. The rest of the song has the little moments that give it that horrific character you’d come to expect from a release like this; heavy lashings of the instruments, followed by just some guitar feedback, as the six-string weeps in pain.

Lucifour is another brutal track (duh) that packs enough of a wallop to make you need your jaw fixing and overall, I’d say it’s probably the best track on the album. At least in my opinion. The pacing of the track, the breaks where the bass is dominant; it just strikes a few chords for me.

The EP reminds me of the new release from Lord Mantis, back in April; loud, oppressive and scummy and it’s wondrous to see bands not losing their bite in the year 2014.

FANGE are definitely setting themselves up for, hopefully, some more exciting releases and that’s not to say that this isn’t an exciting EP, because it is, but it would be awesome to see what this band can do with more time and more ideas.

A band to keep your eye and ears on. Just keep the volume down below 11 and you’ll be fine, you won’t be metal, but you’ll be fine.

New Music Review – A Day For Strange Birds – the sound between the noise (Album)

a2041740031_10Band: A Day For Strange Birds
Album: the sound between the noise
Genre: Ambient, noise, soundscapes
Social Media: Facebook/Bandcamp/Reverbnation

A Day For Strange Birds is an ambient project that creates creeping ambiance, noise  and occasionally guitar sounds. Prior to the most recent work, the sound between the noiseA Day For Strange Birds has released two EPs, both similar in style and creation.

The nine tracks on this album are incredibly atmospheric, so listening with headphones is encouraged. A lot of times while listening, I found myself becoming completely immersed, as if I was in a sensory deprivation tank. Chuck this on top of some late night writing and drinking and you might lose the plot.

This can happen quite a bit, especially when you’re listening to haunting tracks like Words For Battle; you realise that as the sounds twist, moan and contort, there’s this ever growing sense of unease.

There is very little melody here, but when you get brief snippets of keys or guitars, they’re used tastefully without being overwhelmed by the noise. Tiny Snowmen is one such track that has sparse little tinkerings of  melody and it’s moments like these I found myself seeing the light during the sensory deprivation.

Moments of melody are brief, but it does feel like that’s where this project should go, or at least direct itself more towards melody. The cold and eerie tracks are wonderful, but I’d love to see more variety in the future of A Day For Strange Birds.

The minimalist sounds that A Day For Strange Birds creates would be right at home with a horror game, or some moody movie project. Listen loudly, proudly, with headphones and darkness.

New Music Review – If This Is a Man – Vemod

a0401157684_10Band: If This Is a Man
Album: Vemod
Genre: Slow-core, acoustic, lofi
Social Media: Facebook/Bandcamp

Today we’re listening to bedroom artist, If This Is a Man and his album, Vemod.  This album is If This Is a Man’s third release and feels a lot more focused than his sophomore release, Scrapbook. That’s to be expected, since Scrapbook was a compilation of demos from 2009 to 2013. That being said, Vemod is focused in its mood and direction; all is cold and electronic. What do I mean, well, for a start, the word ‘vermod’, means tender sadness, so go figure.

This album is a wonderfully fluid collection of songs that all fit together well; none of the songs feel out of place and each one has been carefully crafted with the loving touch of a singer-songwriter.

Start Again, the first track on this album, is a strong and emotional piece. The guitar, vocals and synth are all chilling, especially as the tune goes on and grows, shrinks, crescendos and eventually disperses as quiet as it initially came. The vocals on this track and most of the others are all very tame, but this fits the style that the album is going for and they are equally as cold as the rest of the style.

This is the general mood for the rest of the album; a massive sigh that spreads across bitterly cold synths, simple guitar strums and gentle vocals like a smooth winter breeze.

Don’t Miss Everything is another track that uses this formula again. However, it does have some well thought out moments: like the guitar tinkering about halfway through the track. It all starts to sound very Death Cab for Cutie like. The vocal melody at the end of this track is blissful and I can’t help but give enough props to If This Is a Man for them.

The direction this album is going in develops into something much more mentally and sonically arousing than Scrapbook. This evolution also feels natural and well-timed for If This Is a Man.

Done For, is a fine example, and most likely one of my favourite tracks. It shows off with the different layers and textures that this artist can create around his work. The thick distortion on this track is to die for and I think I almost gave in and fell in love with the… I don’t know how to describe the synths… winey? In a good way I swear.

Experimentation seems to be what drives this album, besides the wintery themes and that’s awesome. It would have been killer to see If This Is a Man experiment with his vocals a bit more, but sometimes it’s better to stick to what you know.

Beyond Actuality experiments with the cinematic and most people could see this as the best track; it sounds professional, it sounds atmospheric and it could by all means be the best track. Although I do still prefer the texturing and synths in Done For. The piano and cello in this piece weep over the top of samples and it all just adds together to create this depressing and hopeless atmosphere; it’s all very cool.

Vemod is an album that should be enjoyed at 3am, with headphones, wine and a chip on your shoulder. With its gripping atmosphere and deafening themes of loneliness, Vemod may not be something you want to enjoy, but you can’t help but love the beautiful instrumentation and moving lyrics that make the striking movements of Vemod.