New Music Review: Surrounded By Infantry – Rupu

This is more of ‘getting the musician out there’ kind of post; a post to let people know that this musician exists and that said project of said musician is coming soon (May 3rd).

a2118451236_10Band: Surrounded By Infantry
Album: Rupu
Genre: Post-rock, instrumental, ambient
Social Media: Facebook/Tumblr/Soundcloud/Bandcamp

Surrounded By Infantry is a post-rock, instrumental project by a Mr Johannes from Dresden, Germany. A few EPs and albums have been released via Bandcamp and it’s inspiring to see a single artist building up such a strong back-catalog of music. Considering the project is but a single man, it’s impressive to see music at such a grand scale that sounds alive with textures and different levels of sound.

His most recent album (?), Rupu, will be released tomorrow through Bandcamp and although the free previews don’t give away too much about any new direction Johannes is taking, its easy to remain optimistic. Especially after his March release Signals & Noises.

Rupu is being released tomorrow, so, if you like post-rock or ambient music with a bite to it, give this one a go. Or just check out some of the back-cat.



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