New Music Review – Western Sons – EP1 (EP, duh)

a2530581854_10Band: Western Sons
Genre: Ambient, electronic, IDM
Social Media: Facebook/Bandcamp/Twitter

Western Sons is a IDM, down-tempo electronic musician that utilises some very quiet beats, samples and hooks that add a lovely nocturne feel to the music. From what I can find out, this is a debut release and while it isn’t a large brassy tart of a release, it does wet the taste-buds as to what we can expect from this artist in the future.

EP1 is one of those EPs that is best listened to at night, when you’re smoking (maybe something funky) and contemplating life. It’s a short little 4 track EP that clocks in at just around 20 mins of pure bliss and despite it being tagged as dubstep, it feels much more stripped back; stripped back to the point of it sounding like minimal electro or even trip-hop.

It has a certain smoothness to it that does stand out on all of the tracks; the synths are sublime and the occasional guitar bits blend seamlessly with the beats. The tiny little guitar solo (if you want to call it something) on Decor is cute and helps break up the beats and synth dominance.

Are We Human Yet is the most dominant and aggressive track on this EP with it’s higher tempo beats and glitchier sampling. However, take this with a grain of salt, as it does still sound very chill. Just chill in a very different kind of way. The track also evolves more than the others, with subtle noise becoming more prominent and complex as the EP reaches it’s climax.

For a first release, Western Sons shows a lot of promise for making some very relaxing beats. Here’s to more music in the future!


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