New Music Review – 12 Areas – Telepathy

a3762243790_10Band: Telepathy
Album: 12 Areas
Genre: Sludge, post-metal, instrumental 
Social Media: Facebook/Bandcamp/Soundcloud

The 5th of May marked the release of Colchester’s very own sludgers, Telepathy, new album, titled 12 Areas. This band is an incredibly heavy band that takes advantage of grueling riffs, dissonant sounds and some massively punchy druming.

The band put out their single for this new album back in March; the track Cystine Knot, which has some incredibly progressive rock sounding moments mixed in among all that dangerously loud sludging out. At times there is a definite similar sound to bands like Oceansize, Isis and sometimes Intronaut.

However, we’re here to talk about 12 Areas. Another entry into albums that I would consider to be ‘album art-core’. What is album art-core? It’s just killer album artwork that does it for me. Please excuse the diversion.

The album is a well thought out collection of tunes that have moments of truly intense heaviness, but don’t forget to include some strikingly minimal sections within it all. Let’s use Cystine Knot again here, it’s later section has a sparkly few bars of pretty guitar, that are then quickly reinforced with the meanest, most grotesque guitar snarls you’ve heard. It’s this versatility that nets this band something different than opening palm-muted chugging.

That being said, To Kiss The Ocean’s Floor, feels like the bands most accomplished piece on this album. While not the albums most up-tempo track, it does make use of this in typical sludge fashion. The mean guitar bends and vibratos halfway through the song, paired with the gut-wrenching chords also do it for me. It’s empowering for the song as a whole and makes this, already progressive track, feel that little bit more incredible.

Breath/Motion initially weirded me the fuck out with it’s creepy soundscape, but thankfully, it eventually built into some cruel guitars and that I can deal with. Like the majority of the songs on this album, this song does rely on that ever growing sense of unease; everything is played with incredible skill, but all feels full of chaos and hatred.

The production on this release feels great, however, it would have been nice to have had the bass brought forward or featured more; I would have loved to hear some sickly bass breakdowns that just drag the guitar around by the neck/fretboard.

A great release from Telepathy that promises so much more in the future. Hopefully they’ll tour a spell closer to me so I can grab me some fierce sludge head-banging live action. Or just a t-shirt. I’m not metal at all really.



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