New Music Review: He Was Eaten By Owls – We Shall Oscillate Like A Pendulum (Double song, phew!)

a3330062491_10Band: He Was Eaten By Owls
Song: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night // The Tupenny Rush And The Penny Dreadful
Genre: Math-rock
Social Media: Facebook/Bandcamp

Today, we’re going to be looking at something I’ve been very excited about since… well, since I started up this blog; so approximately two months of excitement. Today the London based, math rockers, He Was Eaten By Owls, released their double B-side track, Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night // The Tupenny Rush And The Penny Dreadful.

He Was Eaten By Owls are building up a fantastic collection of fans with their incredible sound that they’ve managed to craft with just a guitarist and a drummer. The sounds are exciting, hypnotic and addictive, especially with the guitar tone, the loopings, style of play and intense drumming moments. The two are also incredibly tight as a duo when it comes to the way they play, for examples, check out the video below.

The two mix together their blissful eloquence that brings of feelings of sheer felicity, with elements of technical prowess that just go straight over my head. And despite the beautiful joke flying straight over my head, I cannot help but revel in these sounds.

The double B-side that they’ve presented as a pre-order teases at an album called, Chorus 30 From Blues For The Hitchiking Dead, that’s out at some point in the summer of this year. The two songs are at polar opposites of what you could expect from these guys, with the first one being a sample of some rather eerie conversation and gorgeous guitar harmonics.

The second track is the flavour that I’ve grown accustomed to with these guys. Fast-paced, perfect sounding math-rock. The song has moments of great intensity and startling occasions where everything just stops and starts back up again.

Right now that my taste buds are all lubricated and such, give me the album! Seriously, support these guys and pre-order their double b-side, you’ll get their thanks AND a free t-shirt. Go do it now! Head over to their Bandcamp.



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