New Music Review: Saåad – Alone In The Light (Song)

a0872262140_10Band: Saåad 
Song: Alone In The Light
Genre: Drone
Social Media: Facebook/Bandcamp

Saåad is a French experimental duo that create ghostly soundscapes with some massively crushing atmosphere to them. They’ve had numerous releases through Bandcamp and last month, they released their most recent outing, Deep/Float.

For now, we’re just going to be checking out the bands newest video for their tune, Alone in The Light. The song follows tune with what you’d come to expect from an experimental duo that specilise in drone side of music. And specialise they do; the textures in this song are incredibly cold and sound like some far away planet should be playing it for it’s theme tune. Maybe Hoth? I don’t really watch Star Wars.

What I really enjoyed about this piece was how all the little nuances and changes slowly unfolded into something that was so incredibly thick and cold, it felt like Mr Freeze was spooning me. Laying it on a bit heavy with the references today.

The tune is crushingly bleak in the best possible way, so if you get a chance, give these guys a listen, they deserve your time and coats.


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