New Music – Failure – Come Crashing (Single track)

a1997925273_10Band: Failure
EP: Tree Of Stars
Genre: Grunge
Social Media: Facebook/Twitter/Bandcamp

Failure are a Los Angeles based grunge band that, after 16 years, have reunited to tour and hopefully release new material grungy, cinematic music that talks about the usual suspects: drugs, prostitution and of course, space. The band reunited in late 2013 after years of fans hoping for new material, exciting gigs and more; it’s fantastic (planet) to see them back on the scene.

While touring, Failure are selling a short live EP called Tree Of Stars, on their tour America. However, it’s not just live recordings of some oldies, oh no, there’s a new track on there; how invigorating.

Come Crashing is the first studio track from Failure in over 18 years and it’s safe to say that, with this song at least, the band is still in strikingly top form. The guitars are heavily effect driven and feel hazy, especially at the begining, where they just sound so… frosty? The bass, as usual, has moments where it’s at the front of the feud, keeping a menacing and thumping beat and the drums add their usual oomph.

It’s also great to see Ken Andrews still on form in terms of his vocals; if you asked me to tell the difference between Fantastic Planet Andrews and Tree Of Stars Andrews, I couldn’t tell you. Speaking of which, Andrews takes lead on the production of this song and it benefits, massively from this. Every instrument feels important and relevant to the song and it’s mix.

In general, hearing Failure back on the scene, still remaining relevant is fun and exciting. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope for a tour in the UK.

If you like the sound of Crashing Down, you can grab it on Bandcamp for $1.29, or you can pick it up on their tour in America, you lucky bugger.



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