New Music Review – Fifi Rong – Next Pursuit (EP)

avatars-000081246504-r6yd69-t500x500Band: Fifi Rong
EP: Next Pursuit
Genre: Electronic, trip-hop
Social Media: Facebook/Twitter/Soundcloud/Bandcamp

Fifi Rong is a London based musician that mixes in elements of a vast majority of music, but remains constantly grounded in the electronic, or even trip-hop foundations. Along with her macabre image, Fifi is renowned for creating subtle and darkly soundscapes to back up her already trip-hoppy sound and image. These exploits can be seen on her previous outings on EPs like: Wrong and Over You.

Fifi’s newest EP, Next Pursuit, that dropped at the start of April sticks to these tricks of the trade and continues along the tracks of the ethereal, the exotic and the saucy. That being said, there are some moments on this EP where Fifi explores her musicianship with different moods, instrumentation and aims.

There are songs that seem more acoustic with more down to earth instrumentation like simple acoustic guitars and there’s also the ethereal side that we’re use to; this side makes use of heavily textured synths and keyboards.

Cold In You is one such acoustic track that leads with this crystal clear guitar playing that arpeggiates away while Fifi’s voice lyrisises away wistfully. Although this does feel like the token acoustic track, it does also sound well put together and pleasant.

The track, Equality, feels incredibly pop-like, with its simple beats, but the synth menaces away and scares away any sense of normality.

It’s easy to see that care has been taken with this EP; it’s carefully measured, the beats are well put together and the cherry on top of it all, Fifi’s voice. The vox on all of the tracks work fantastically well; Fifi is a singer that can sound good as she samples herself, or works with other artists.

The voice lulls over itself, like gentle waves takes you away into some ocean at midnight. This is most utilised on Breathless that is an incredibly ambient song that makes the most out of Fifi’s voice; it’s like her voice is being executed as another instrument in the mix.

Next Pursuit is a gentle and seductive expedition into the music world for Fifi Rong and although it feels like the music should be playing in some fantasy bar in a world far, far away from normality, you feel safe.

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