New Music Review – Lyonn – Promenade (EP)

artworks-000079335737-ie6xqs-t500x500Band: Lyonn
EP: Promenade 
Genre: Acoustic, pop
Social Media: Facebook/Official Site/Bandcamp/Twitter

Self proclaimed best mate of Leonardo DiCaprio is releasing music, hurray! Is it any good? Let’s ask Leo. Or me.

Before we get started, I’d also like to thank Lyonn for emailing me and giving me an advanced peak at his new EP. Cheers bud!

Lyonn is an acoustic-pop act from all the way in Orange County, California that will be releasing his sophomore EP, Promenade, on the 20th of May. Lyonn’s debut EP, Knivsta, was put out at the start of this year and, again, has this brightly tinged acoustic sound that tackled drearier vocals and sounds than Promenade.

In Promenade, it looks like we’re treated to the upbeat and some dominant strings that were in the fray of Knivsta, but didn’t really take centre stage. It feels like Lyonn has hit his stride much more with this EP; mainly because it feels more comfortable to listen to with its catchy vocal lines and just a bit more pleasant with the stronger strings.

The first track on Promenade, Dancing Machine, is a riot of a track that at times can feel like Dancing Queen, but quickly changes that with Lyonn’s crafted moments in the song. It’s probably one of the more built-up and upbeat tracks on this album with its layers of strings and piano keys, while the guitar strums away.

The first single off of this EP, Midnight Mind, would contest this titled for most upbeat, however. Midnight Mind is another infectious track that employs the use of strings to beef out the track and a chorus that loops back and fourth in the song and your mind. The song sounds like a single and feels like a single, very polished and quirky track.

It feels like Dancing Machine and Midnight Mind, genuinely give a good impression of what Lyonn is all about; poppy, catchy, acoustic tunes that feel like they’re written for the happy and unhappy.

The other two tracks offer some variety in the way that we might perceive more of Lyonn’s work. What I mean, is that this EP showcases a number of different directions that his music can take.

Just Say Hello, was a track that I had conflicting thoughts about; the guitar in this track feels exciting to listen to with the other instrumentation on top. And on the other side, I didn’t really get along with one of the chorus hooks: the ‘Hello, la la la lo’, kind of got me unfavourably.  That doesn’t mean it’s a bad track though. I enjoy how uplifting the lyrics are and how hopeful the idea of turning a stranger to a love is; platonic or romantic love, whatever. The idea is lovely.

The closer, Sing You to Sleep, shows this laid back, atmosphere with these pleasing guitar pickings and gentle string sliding. Top this with Lyonn’s wonderfully lyrical voice and those clever pizzicato strings and you’ve got my favourite song off of the EP.

Promenade is a gentle and considerate sophomore release; it pleases and relaxes me its way into your head while lullabying you to sleep. Very reminiscent of my days of listening to Jack Johnson and Findlay Brown.

Promenade is out on the 20th of May and you can pick it up from Lyonn’s Bandcamp.


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