New Music Review – A Day For Strange Birds – the sound between the noise (Album)

a2041740031_10Band: A Day For Strange Birds
Album: the sound between the noise
Genre: Ambient, noise, soundscapes
Social Media: Facebook/Bandcamp/Reverbnation

A Day For Strange Birds is an ambient project that creates creeping ambiance, noise  and occasionally guitar sounds. Prior to the most recent work, the sound between the noiseA Day For Strange Birds has released two EPs, both similar in style and creation.

The nine tracks on this album are incredibly atmospheric, so listening with headphones is encouraged. A lot of times while listening, I found myself becoming completely immersed, as if I was in a sensory deprivation tank. Chuck this on top of some late night writing and drinking and you might lose the plot.

This can happen quite a bit, especially when you’re listening to haunting tracks like Words For Battle; you realise that as the sounds twist, moan and contort, there’s this ever growing sense of unease.

There is very little melody here, but when you get brief snippets of keys or guitars, they’re used tastefully without being overwhelmed by the noise. Tiny Snowmen is one such track that has sparse little tinkerings of  melody and it’s moments like these I found myself seeing the light during the sensory deprivation.

Moments of melody are brief, but it does feel like that’s where this project should go, or at least direct itself more towards melody. The cold and eerie tracks are wonderful, but I’d love to see more variety in the future of A Day For Strange Birds.

The minimalist sounds that A Day For Strange Birds creates would be right at home with a horror game, or some moody movie project. Listen loudly, proudly, with headphones and darkness.


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