New Music Review – FANGE – Poisse

a0125800795_10Band: FANGE
EP: Poisse
Genre: Sludge, metal
Social Media: Bandcamp

I’m learning so much from this blog, did you know that ‘fange’ means mire (a word for a complicated or unpleasant situation from which it is difficult to extricate oneself in) French? Neither did I. I also didn’t know what ‘mire’ meant, but enough about my ignorance.

FANGE are a relatively new (they got together in the bum end of last year) French sludge metal band that dropped their debut EP, in April and I’ve been given a chance to look at the nasty, abrasive and massive sounds of said EP, Poisse.

From the get go here, there are grotesque riffings and beats that could possibly deafen a Boris fan. There’s also a lot of noise and feedback, much like a Boris release also, but this feels more focused on clouding the listeners hearing with these colossal monsters of sound. These guys like to change up the tempo of their songs a lot as well, which makes for this exciting assault on the ears.

The first song, Grêle Molle, is testament to this style of no hostages sludge metal that does not let up in the slightest. It’s loud, the guitars sound thick and snarly, the drums are punchy and the bass is brutal. The track, Cloches Fendues has  a naughty bassline at the start, just before we’re mugged of our hearing.

Something I found particularly enjoyable with this release was the long, drawn out tune, Suaire. It swims around in noise and drums for a good while before the song’s motion begins to move. The rest of the song has the little moments that give it that horrific character you’d come to expect from a release like this; heavy lashings of the instruments, followed by just some guitar feedback, as the six-string weeps in pain.

Lucifour is another brutal track (duh) that packs enough of a wallop to make you need your jaw fixing and overall, I’d say it’s probably the best track on the album. At least in my opinion. The pacing of the track, the breaks where the bass is dominant; it just strikes a few chords for me.

The EP reminds me of the new release from Lord Mantis, back in April; loud, oppressive and scummy and it’s wondrous to see bands not losing their bite in the year 2014.

FANGE are definitely setting themselves up for, hopefully, some more exciting releases and that’s not to say that this isn’t an exciting EP, because it is, but it would be awesome to see what this band can do with more time and more ideas.

A band to keep your eye and ears on. Just keep the volume down below 11 and you’ll be fine, you won’t be metal, but you’ll be fine.


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