Band O’ The Week #3

a2048097338_10Band: Iserlohn 
Album: Standing Still Is A Great Deceiver
Genre: Post-rock, ambient, IDM
Social Media: Facebook/Bandcamp/Soundcloud/YouTube/Last fm

After a brief hiatus from this feature, it’s back, with more bells and whistles than ever before; I say that, there’s nothing new about this feature.

This week we’re giving the band o’ the week title to post-rock/ambient band, Iserlohn. These guys are from my home town of Bristol and they’ve recently released their debut album, Standing Still Is A Great Deceiver, which can be bought for a name your price, price. By the by, just because they’re from my home town, it does not make me biased in anyway (yes it does).

This debut is lengthy journey through the stars created with bleeps bloops and twinkles. The very long and drawn out style the band is using is very reminiscent of other acts like: Helios, A Winged Victor For The Sullen and other bands that utilise slow-tempos and peaceful arrangements that take the listener away beyond clutter and anger.

What you might enjoy most about this album, are the moments where things pick up, like when a beat kicks in after some progressive build-up. Or when everything gets hazy with fuzzy synths. It shows versatility and thankfully, not in the brassy tart kind of way that just involves slapping something un-involved onto the track.

Iserlohn are young and full of energy, granted the energy is reserved and calm, but none the less. Keep an eye on this lot in the future.



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