Playlist #3 ‘Late Night Comedown (And around and around)’ May 2014

This is a wee playlist I put together to listen to when I’m up late (often) and just fancy some tunes to mangle the silence.

Late Night Comedown (And around and around)

Bloc Party – Song For Clay (Disappear Here)
Shivaree – Goodnight Moon
Tegan and Sara – Call It Off
Foo Fighters – Walking After You
Radiohead – Nude
Massive Attack – Karma Coma
Suuns – Minor Work
New Order – True Faith
The Captains Intangible – Any Other Way
Wintersleep – Insomnia
A Whisper In The Noise – Into You
Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight, Tonight
Stereophonics – Maybe Tomorrow
Oceansize – Cloak

For once, I tried to get everything to flow into the other, it didn’t exactly work, but it doesn’t seen to jarring. By the by, I think Nude and Cloak are probably two of the sexiest tracks ever, just sayin’.

Also, not really related to the playlist, but damn son, Hafdis Huld’s new album! Shit is so cash, it’s unreal.

Have some art/my current wallpaper too, just to keep this all visual and stuff.



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