New Music Review – BRITNEY – BRITNEY (Album)

a2503664045_10Band: BRITNEY
Genre: Loud n’ girthy
social Media: Facebook/Soundcloud

BRITNEY are a three-piece headcase, from Scotland that have a pre-disposition for short tunes that molest your ears with fingers like knives. What do they sound like? Sound and noise, or to put a name to the sound, Manchester’s naughtiest of exports, Kong.

BRITNEY is a monster on the run from the madhouse and with foam drench lips, it feasts on whatever innocence you had left, in a dark and gloomy corner of Edinburgh. Whilst listening through the short, 11-minute album, it occured to me, that words couldn’t really do this album much justice.

That being said, there is plenty for listeners to enjoy, so long as they don’t mind their thumpin’ tunes jagged, jarring and incredibly agitated. At the end of the day, isn’t that what we’re all really searching for in a sex-partner/band-crush?

Course it is.

Give the album, a listen, a buy, whatever, but support this bands right to make messy tunes and albumart-core albums. More art from this artist, please.

Girthy as fuck.



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