New Music Review – Azoah – Azoah (EP)

a4106638071_10Band: Azoah
EP: Comptine Câline et Compte sans Adultère
Genre: Rap metal
Social Media: Bandcamp/YouTube/Soundcloud

Azoah are a French rap metal band that have been around for a few months now and have recently put together a debut EP, following the success of the concerts they’ve been playing in West France. The general sound of Azoah is still very raw and what you’d expect from a band that is as young as this.

I feel like it may be somewhat difficult to give a proper impression of this album based on what I’m hearing; the vocals are very dominant and my French is no good. As such, I’ll spearhead the assault on this EP with the way it sounds and feels to me.

The first thing you notice on the EP is how raw everything is. It sounds like it has a garage rock tint to it with the way the production falls. The band plays rather tightly together, from what I can hear, there are some incredibly awesome moments here. Al Kepun is a monster of a track that brings together mean guitar and tight band mechanics. It’s also got a swanky guitar solo going on for it.

The vocals throughout the EP are consistently powerful and it does feel bad that I can’t properly understand them; they’re very strong, dominating and full of fire, it would not be wrong to say that they lead this band’s sound.

With songs like Aqueux Jauni, you’ll be able to see what I mean, especially when the lead vocalist falters from shouting his lyrics to the impressive scream that he can put out there. I would like to see some more variety in the music though. It feels as if the band is following one very strict formula and they don’t waver from that.

Mix it up a bit for us and I’ll be a chuffed music man from down your way!

This is a solid release for Azoah and I’m incredibly interested to see where the band goes with it’s sound.


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