New Music Review – ABRAMS – February (EP)

a2576407083_10Band: ABRAMS
EP: February 
Genre: Grunge, punk, metal
Social Media: Bandcamp/Facebook

ABRAMS are a metal/grunge band from Denver, Colorado that put out their debut EP back in February and after hearing a few clips of it, I thought it might be something I’d want to try. Funnily enough, the EP is also called February, so there’s something.

What February has shown me, is that their is still life in the grunge/punk scene. It features lots of tight and fun songs that work well and sound large and when you consider that ABRAMS are a trio, then this becomes a much more impressive EP. This short EP cuts out the thrill of the chase from any build-ups and just goes straight into the fray with their punk-as-fuck sound.

The Fucking Cops Are Here features a groovy riff on the guitar that is crunchy as you like and just sounds like it should be being played live at a beer soaked party in someones basement; a real mongrels anthem. Everything in this song feels punchy and powerful, except one of the most important parts: the drums feel very dry and quiet in this song when they should be destroying decibels.

However, they still manage to produce memorable guitar hooks, with vocals and lyrics that people can get on a one-to-one basis with. I’d say that Mr Pink Always Wins and Sea Salt Lines, probably show-off the instrumental prowess of these guys the most; the guitar solos/breakdowns sound like crazy fuel to the spark of the vocalists lyrics. The other ones are crunchy, but the instrumentation doesn’t grab me as much as these two.

February is simple and effective release that wets my taste buds for more of these three and their impolite rock. I’d like to see some more work on the production of the drums and maybe some bass breakdowns? I’m not sure really; there’s a kick-ass formula here, explore it some more.

If you like what you’ve heard, you can grab ABRAMS debut EP, February, over at Bandcamp for a ‘name your price’ price.


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