Playlist #4 June 2014

June’s Playlist:

I’ve gone a wee bit sickly sweet over Pogo’s Wonderpuff album; it’s just utterly lyrical with all of it’s textures and chimes and everythings.

In other news, been a stand-out month for June, in terms of music. Jack White’s Larzaretto album is everything I was hoping for and the new Fucked Up material is killer. There’s also a new Deadmau5 album coming out soon and hopefully, a new Imogen Heap album.

I’m just goshing all over the place for all these new albums and EPs. Which reminds me, you should make me gosh more and send in more music. < Send me your stuff!

Here’s a video that will help you understand why I think Imogen Heap is the real queen of pop:



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