New Music Review – Daisy Victoria – Heart Full Of Beef (EP)

a2896560978_10Band: Daisy Victoria
EP: Heart Full Of Beef
Genre: Indie-rock
Social Media: Facebook/Twitter/Bandcamp/Soundcloud

Recently, I received a kindly email from the dear indie rocker, Daisy Victoria, asking if I would check out her EP. And with such lovely words, who was I to say no?

Daisy Victoria is an indie rocker that’s been jiving in the scene for a few months now and back in March, she released her debut EP, Heart Full of Beef. Said EP, has made a rather grand splash with critics; BBC introducing have got their teeth into it and now I get to!

Heart Full Of Beef on the first listen gives you a very basic idea of what to expect from Daisy Victoria, however, I think it’s with the consequent listens that you get ‘the real idea’. By ‘real idea’, I mean you can get a better sense of what this musician is all about: vocal delivery, incredibly well produced material and clever lyrics.

One might think of the famed Anna Calvi when listening to Daisy Victoria, but the latter’s music is not as darkly and sinister as Calvi’s discography.

Why go straight for Anna Calvi? Have a listen to Love Of My Life and tell me I’m wrong. Having said this, it’s clear to see that Daisy sets out to distinguish herself in a different way.

The title track Heart Full Of Beef is as chunky as its title and incorporates this raw garage rock-band sound; the guitar that sloshes along in the lower registry is thick and lays it on with the riffs. Everything on this track fits together nicely; when the chorus comes along, you need to make some noise and move your ass; dance you fool!

The guitar rawness/high gain is something that occurs regularly on this album; it does give this very garage rocky and I think that’s intentional, but the luxurious sounds of this EP give a very different picture.

Take for example the song Secret Garden Path, it offers two very contrasting sides of the beauty and the not so beauty. It’s this mystique and contrast between the luxuries and grit that really sets this EP apart from other releases of a similar nature.

Despite Macbeth To My Lady sounding infinitely more sedate than Beef, it still has no problem getting into the louder bars. I love how present the bass and drums are on this track; they hold this track together with their constant and sick beats, whilst the guitar shines away like a crazy diamond.

Cloth fits very well together and has bang on pacing, where everything slowly enters and exits quietly without straying from its strict plan. In fact, it might be possible to say that this would be my favourite from the EP. There are oodles of sounds in this sound and they all sound incredibly unique. It’s just an incredibly interesting listen. And the mini string-thing solo at the end just amplifies that.

The closing song on this EP ties everything together wonderfully. Tree blends the loud, the proud and the awareness that Daisy Victoria’s music is becoming known for. It’s a slow bloomer that doesn’t mess around for too long before it’s up on its feet and prancing around like a drunken parent at a school disco; a parent that dances well, but still, a parent.

Daisy Victoria’s debut EP is a gentle rocker that grips you with initial unease and uncertainty, but soon cuddles you into the contrasting oil painting of her world; worth a listen and more after that to get the full effect of her music. So grab a copy on Bandcamp and indulge.

Heart Full of Beef is a name you price album and you should check it out.

Until next time kids x


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