New Music Review – Litro – CLOE (Video)

535915_10151293310670966_1311151048_nBand: Litro
Song: CLOE
Genre: Post-rock
Social Media: Facebook/Twitter/iTunes

There are reams of post-rock just exploding from the world around us these days, but who is taking that fancy today?

Litro are a Italian post-rock band that released their debut album, Art Is Freedom: Free Yourselves, in June last year and have just recently put out a video for the song CLOE. Litro are an interesting band that were, according to their Facebook, born from several other arts and this does, to an extent, show in the video and song.

The song itself is a very strong sounding, if a little typical post-rock track. However, I do feel like the amount of sound going on in this piece sets it apart; there are these hazy and ethereal vocals that glisten through the track while the instruments dance around them.

CLOE offers up some stunning textures that feel polished and glazed to a near mirror sheen, it’s also awful nice to see the bass sounding so prominent and leading in these circumstances. It feels that the bass is infact holding this piece together with it’s tight beats and really bold tone.

Check Litro out for some no punches held art-post-rock.


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