Stream Aphex Twin’s Unreleased Caustic Window LP


Months ago, back in April, a test pressing of Richard David James’ album called Caustic Window, surfaced online. Since then, it has been placed on Discogs for the low price of $13,500, thankfully though, before it was sold, a Kickstarter was launched where fans could pay for a digital copy of the album.  This was all obviously approved of by Richard  and Rephlex Records.

The Kickstarter successfully achieved it’s funding and made $64,424 which is obviously more than someone like me could even imagine. Today, is now a red-letter day for Aphex Twin fans, as the people that supported the Kickstarter get their digital copies.

And because people are saints and random acts of kindness do exist, the album has also been uploaded to YouTube to stream.

Caustic Window contains the sort of material you’d expect from Aphex Twin in the early 90s; that enriching, vicious and fist-thumping blend of IDM.

Whilst this may not be the newest work from Aphex Twin’s Richard David James, it is indeed what the freshest of stuff might feel like.

Listen, absorb and fade with it.


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