Rumour Cubes New Release For 18th August


Instrumental London based rockers, Rumour Cubes, are set to release their sophomore LP, Appearances Of Collections, on August the 18th.

For me, this is very exciting; Rumour Cubes were the first band that I ever reviewed when I started this blog, back in February. What a way to start as well, The Narrow State was joyous ride around the epic and masterful world of post-rock music. To see raring up to release new material is always invigorating. Speaking of which, they’ve given everyone a chance to have a listen to one of the new tracks off the new album.

Hiyat, is a wild track that is hopefully, a sign of things to come from Appearances Of Collections. If everything can be this powerful and moving, then they’ll be on to another winner.

I really like the way that this track is mixed, everything breathes organically and nothing feels just pasted in there for the sake of it. What really makes this song great, is the moment after the intro where the bass comes in and plays this sweet rhythm, it works with the electronic sparks and the major string work here.

Hopefully there’ll be more guitar work on the rest of the album, but this isn’t really a worry, just something I was thinking while listening to Hiyat.

So far, Rumour Cubes are sounding as cinematic and awe-inspiring as ever, be sure to check out their previous album, The Narrow State, which is here. You can also read about it, here.

Don’t forget to also follow these guys on all the usual suspects to stay up-to-date, if you’re interested in what you’ve heard:



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