Band O’ The Week #4

After another brief (long) hiatus, this feature is making another appearance so I can praise one of my most treasured EPs of all time. A band until recently, I had completely forgotten about, mainly because I’d lost the EP and my music library, so as the years went on, the name faded from my memory.

However, I discovered it again through Last Fm; I’d not used my account properly for a while, but it had a lot of my old scrobbles and stuff on it, so I searched through there on a particularly slow day. Much to my joy (har har), I found the band.


Today, I want to talk to you about Serena Joy. These guys are a seven-piece band that have taken band members from a whole lot of real underground (at the time) bands like andtheywillriot! and Missiles of Uncertain Destinations. As a band in 2007, these chums created one of the most incredibly cinematic and unforgettable experiences of music I have ever had the luxury of listening to, Ours Will Be A Lonely Battle.

The EP is split into four songs that span over several genres, including: post-hardcore, post-rock, slowcore and folk (right at the end). Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how you describe the sound of this music, nothing compares to actually listening to it.

Listen here.

What really got me on this EP, however, was the sing-along at the end; such an incredibly perfect way to end anything.

Since then, I haven’t heard or seen anything. In fact, it seems like it’s almost impossible to get hold of their material through any means besides ‘searching’, or buying it from someone that doesn’t look like the right label? I could be wrong.



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