New Music Review – Blue Angel Lounge – Desolate Sands (video)

1555300_681448481918117_273240783_nBand: Blue Angel Lounge 
Song: Desolate Sands
Genre: Post-punk
Social Media: Facebook/Official Site

The Blue Angel Lounge are a German psychedelic band that have been around for 8 years now and have recently put out their 7th album, A Sea Of Trees. Dedication to the cause evidently.

The band themselves sound like a dark, trippy, psychedelic and post-punk experience that have, at least in their most recent album, made use of many less than conventional instruments to push that sound forward.

Their video and song, Desolate Sands, is the flagship that they have sent out for their A Sea Of Trees album and I think it does do a decent job of explaining to the listener, with it’s many instruments, what this band is all about.

The band sound incredibly cold, especially with lead vocalist, Nils “O.” Ottensmeyer, providing his vocal twist to the tunes. Said vocal twist can take you for a real ride, leading from Rammstein’s Till Lindemann, to Depeche Mode’s Andy Fletcher.

It’s an interesting voice that suits the instrumentation used in Desolate Sands. Speaking of such, everything is, as you’d expect, heavy on the reverb and the spaciness of the album; on a whole it just feels wide open and freezing!

A Sea Of Trees was released on the 30th of June and can be picked up through the official website.

Worth a listen if you enjoy the sound of post-punk or anything that sounds even remotely isolated and crushing.




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