Instrumental Rockers Kerretta Tease New Album

For people out there that don’t know these guys, Kerretta are three-piece experimental, instrumental rock band that have a rich discography, LPS and EPS, of colourful, enthusiastic and hard-hitting music. The most recent effort so far, titled His Streets Of Honey, Her Mouth of Gold, came out back in April, but now Kerretta are ready for more action.

The video teases at a song from Kerretta’s upcoming release, Pirohia, which will be out on September 5th, is said to keep the bands mix of “ear-splitting highs and thrumming lows will appeal to people who like their music primal, experimental, electronic and heavy”.

From what we’ve heard so far, not much, we can maybe possibly expect retro sounding guitars that still continue to pursue the same experimental rock sound that these guys have been chasing since the start, back in 2007.

Pirohia is being released on September 5th through Golden Antenna records, so expect to hear some thoughts on it from me around about that time, maybe earlier if I can be a sneaky, amiable guy.



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