New Music Review – TwoThirtyTwo – The Hope We Had (EP)

artworks-000083465289-k8duot-t500x500Band: TwoThirtyTwo
EP: The Hope We Had
Genre: Experimental-rock/Indie-rock
Social Media: Facebook/Twitter/Bandcamp

Today, we get a crystal ball and take a peak into the future release of Aldershot rockers, TwoThirtyTwo. This lot put out an several EPs now, all being ranted about and as such, helped this motley bunch some loyal followers. We’ll be looking at their upcoming release, The Hope We Had, due out on the 8th September 2014, through Rose Coloured Records.

At first listen, I’ll admit, I was dubious to the sound of TwoThirtyTwo and thought it sounded like another indie-rock band, but I continued to listen (because I’m a professional) and what I found was so much more rewarding than a typical indie-rock band.

The Hope We Had is a consistent album, it’s full of unique sounds that remain the familiar throughout the listen. In other words, the guitar one one track sounds close to the one from the last track. Still, these sounds are unique to the band and this growing sense of familiarity is well used.

The instrumentation is also very rich here, it feels like the guitars are rippling in front of you, while the bass grooves along and the drums all snap and pop with suitable zest. Bones is obviously the best example, being the first track and all, it just sounds so alive and full of colour. The chorus is also super catchy and feels incredibly big, as if it could fill a field of sound and festival goers.

I also found the vocals on this track, and the rest, to suit the music perfectly. I’m trying to decide if lead singer’s voice reminds me more of Lou Reed or Brandon Flowers of The Killers. Not that it matters, the vocals remain consistently empowering. I swear though, on the track Wolves I had to double-check that I wasn’t listening to some Lou Reed.

Wolves is stunning by-the-way, it’s another track where these guys come to fruition in the small details of their work. The small chimes and floruishes of the drums are beautiful and to end with those gentle little harmonics? Lovely job.

The Reprieve was also an enjoyable track, it shows off how great these guys are at songwriting. All the instruments give each other space expand and play their parts; the little silences between a few bars adds a lot to the depth and fun of these songs. The backing vocals in this track are also really grand and subtle enough to not feel overbearing.

The real gem on this EP is the track that caught me off guard; the title track, The Hope We Had. This track takes what you’ve heard from the EP so far and turns it’s on it’s head and then throws it out of the bar; it’s sinister, heavy and rather progressive if you ask me. it almost feels like an old Muse track. There’s this guitar picking that goes on throughout and it just adds this horrible sense of unease at the start. Then there’s this quiet moment, followed by feedback, pretty keys and more heaviness. It’s just a real gem of a track that you need to listen to to understand.

Also those marching drums. Brilliant.

What I feel that TwoThirtyTwo seem to be doing very strongly with this EP is trying to carve a more complete sound since they already have the main ingredients: talent, the curiosity to experiment and above all else, the desire to grow. I think once they find a concrete sound and put forward something larger, we’ll see a much more complete TwoThirtyTwo, demonstrating their capabilities for the bombastic and wondrous that they have already shown in small doses.

TwoThirtyTwo and The Hope We Had are worth your time and if you live in England, like me, you can go and see them! They’ll be promoting The Hope We Had at a few venues:

Mon 8th Sept – Brixton – Windmill
Tue 9th Sept – Guildford – Boileroom
Wed 10th Sept – Basingstoke – Sanctuary
Thurs 11th Sept – Bristol – The Thunderbolt

I may be heading down to the show in Guildford, so if you end up there, you could see a rare sighting of me.

Remember, The Hope We Had is out on the 8th of September and you should get it, through Bandcamp, at a show, just get it.

Until next time kids x


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