New Music Review – Parachute For Gordo – Ten Metres Per Second Per Second

a3254726899_10Band: Parachute For Gordo
Album:Ten Metres Per Second Per Second
Genre: Math-rock, post-rock
Social Media: Facebook/Bandcamp

Recently, I reviewed a release by the killer gents from TwoThirtyTwo, a bunch of indie-rockers that dabble all over the shop in fun experimentation. More recently, a band on the same label got in contact with me about their new album. Who was I to say no? And especially after they asked so nicely too!

Parachute For Gordo are difficult to pigeon-hole from the start thanks to an experimental ethic that can easily throw off the majority of people that might want to label it. With their music, you get elements of post-rock, noise-rock, experimental music and even some spoken word. In their newest release, Ten Metres Per Second Per Second, which came out on March 15th 2014, it sounds like they’ve still managed to avoid being pinned down to a single distinct sound, but is that a good thing?

I’d say so, yeah.

Ten Metres Per Second Per Second sounds incredibly ambitious through the recordings, but even more so when you consider how this album was made.

“In typically obtuse and independent Parachute for Gordo style, it was recorded live in the space of three hours and represents the band exactly as they are, intense and violent and beautiful with bruises and scraped knees entirely intact.” – From the press release.

What I like about this method and the album as a whole is how this DIY ethic comes about during the execution of their music. The instruments sound incredibly cherished and the songs themselves sound very real. I Offered You A Small Dog In The Kitchen, sets the perfect example: the instruments have that same kick that they’d have during a live show, the quiet bars of this song have a fantastic intimacy to them. Also, the turnaround in this song is glorious.

The short attention spans and experimental nature of these three makes for some lively and amusing songs that work for this band. What I mean by work is just… make something eclectic and excitable flow, without feeling forced.

I think the two best examples of this would have to be,

I think the two best examples of this would have to be, Bandage Of Scat and 10,000 Bay Leaves In A Koala Bears Mouth. The former, being the first song, prepared me for something entirely different than I got; the drum machine makes the track and again, surprises. While 10,000 Bay Leaves In A Koala Bears Mouth, (mother of god, that’s a mouthful) sounds like it could be a run-of-the-mill post-rock song, but makes use of exciting tempo changes and volumes to sound like an ever changing surprise.

It’s this experimentation and short attention span that makes these guys, Parachute For Gordo. The monolith that is The Labrasaga – Part I: Labrador Deciever, Part II: LabraDoodlebug, is testament to how much these guys can weave between the harsh and the polite in just a few short seconds.

Just also going to say that the vocals on this track, “The blood on the wall, the hole in my head, well I just blew my mind, pardon the mess”, is so fucking cool. It really straightens a path for them to go down with this song, even if the path is twisted and dangerous along the way.

The bonus tracks on the digital version are the most ordinary songs on the release. This isn’t a bad thing however, I believe that the singers really tie the songs together and add enough to make this release an even more varied bunch of musical sweeties.

I think it’s fair to say that Ten Metres Per Second Per Second is a must listen to for all of you fans of music out there. I mean, if you enjoy music that lapse at your eardrums like a tongue to a… lollipop, then you’ll love this persistently surprising album by the guys and girl over at Parachute For Gordo.


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