New Music Review – Captain Baby – Sugar Ox

a2776735723_10Band: Captain Baby
Album: Sugar Ox
Genre: Indie-pop
Social Media: Bandcamp/Facebook

Captain Baby is a musical project of musician/street artist Asher Rogers, who has previously sung for the Nashville group, The Smartest Monkey. Today, I bring you his newest musical project and said projects debut album, Sugar Ox. I wonder if the ox has become the animal of choice for indie-rockers? It’s been the buffalo, now it’s an ox?

Sugar Ox sounds impressively loud with its drums and basslines, all of which can convey a sense of industrial music. I mean, the music sounds loud and snappy, quite punchy and hard hitting, but as soon as the guitar and vocals come in, you’re taken to a new place.

Forest Charm shows off some very weird and poignant rhythms and some, what I’ve decided to call, ‘dizzy guitar’. The guitar on this album always seems to sound incredibly dizzy, when I say this; I’m trying to that it always sounds very light and distant.

There’s this consistency to the sound and songs throughout the album, which is fine, it builds up this assemblage of little indie-pop numbers. That being said, there are brief moment where Captain Baby dips his little toes into other sounds.

For example, the surf guitar on Bury Your Head, the blissfully atmospheric intro on Climb Your Tree and the subtle wavering strings in Row On. These little details really bring out Rogers’ adventurous creativity notably well.

These bits of clever song-writing really break up the album; it would have just nice to see these prolific snapshots perused for some variety in the material. Some of the songs and vocal patterns can seem repetitive, with not much change to be seen.

At the same time, you could also say that this is where Captain Baby shows off. Slight changes in these ceaseless tunes can bring very interesting sense of unease that hints at a darker side of Captain Baby. Said side, should be flirted with and then taken home to be romanced or just plowed like a bad mofo.

Lost myself in the analogy there.

The point is, is that I’d like to see Captain Baby expand their creative output because I think this band could be something genuinely special. There needs to be more contrasting to what we hear in the majority of the tunes.

Row On understands this concept, adopts a slower pace and has those moments of contrast in them which makes this song a real corker. Olive In The Ocean is rather cool too. The dizzy guitar stumbles around combined with a strong beat and catchy vocals, this is one for the summer playlists.

I’d like to see more from Captain Baby, preferably some tweaking around, but as it stands, Sugar Ox is a pleasing album that cements its sound in the beach with loud crashes and subtle shifts in sound.


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