New Music Review – Pale Green Things – Pink Flamingo (video)

Pink Flamingo Final.inddBand: Pale Green Things
Song: Pink Flamingo
Genre: Indie pop
Social Media: Facebook/Twitter/Soundcloud

Today we’re looking at a recent release, Pink Flamingo, from the UK indie pop act Pale Green Things. This project is led by Jack Traynor who takes inspiration from The Killers and bands like Idlewind and these influences really come out in his most recent single, Pink Flamingo. I don’t think I’d be wrong in saying that there are also some influences/comparisons to be made to the likes of Adam Young, from Owl City/Death Cab For Cutie.

I think what makes Pale Green Things so comparable to bands like Owl City, seems to be that dash of innocence and uplifting nature of their songs. Pink Flamingo is very catchy and carefree, which is a nice break when you’ve been listening to aggressive tunes for the majority of the day.

I’d like to see more versatility in the track, but considering that it’s just a happy little pop number, I’m sure I can let it slide, for now.

This track and Traynor in general, could benefit from expanding the horizons more, not sure I could cope with an entire album of such happiness, but that’s coming from a miserable 20-something sod. So long as Traynor continues to pursue his influences of The Killers, then I’m sure there will be plenty of variable offerings in a full release.

Keep your ears peeled for more pleasant and fun indie pop from Mr Traynor and Pale Green Things in the future.


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