New Music Review – James L Stead – Don’t Leave Me Outside (song)

artworks-000049746023-47lxc4-t500x500Musician: James L Stead
Song: Don’t Leave Me Outside + The Pain That I Caused You
Genre: Singer-songwriter
Social Media: Facebook/Twitter/Soundcloud

James L Stead is an upcoming singer-songwriter from dreary old Surrey, UK. This guy has been making a few ripples in the music pool recently by playing rather big events, such as Surrey’s very own Guildfest, which I have never personally attended, but I’ve been told that it’s a very chill, wee festival. James has also been accumulating radio play on local radio-stations.

Mr Stead has an EP out soon, but there have been two songs released…

Today, we’re going to be looking at those two songs. Despite what the title says, we’ll be looking at both: The Pain That I Caused You and Don’t Leave Me Outside. Both tracks have a very somber songs about love and all of love’s friends/enemies. Although I don’t feel as if these songs tackle these subjects in a unique manner, they do both still sound and feel intimate.

I think what makes James’ music so effective, as simple as it may be, is that it cuts right to the business; everyone can easily relate to his material in some way shape or form. It’s this relativity, playing and singing that simmer their way into your heart. Similar to that of Damien Rice, if you’re looking for a big name to draw comparisons to.

That being said, Stead is, so far, travelling in a slightly different direction with more stripped back instrumentation and simpler lyrics.

If James has charmed you, as he has me, then you can purchase his new debut single, Don’t Leave Me Outside, from all the usual suspects: iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. You can also stream the tune through Spotify or, well, the video above.

Support this upcoming gentleman heart-string plucker and go see him when you can.

Take care, readers x


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