New Music Review – Alexander DeLarge – Vista Point

a3204819411_10Artist: Alexander DeLarge
Album: Vista Point
Genre: Neo-classical, IDM, Electronic
Social Media: Bandcamp/Facebook

This is a gent we have listened to in the past and then some! Alexander DeLarge is a Russian contemporary classical composer that released his demo album back in 2012. This new album, Vista Point, seems like a step forward into the right direction for DeLarge. The album feels as stripped back as ever, with some neat little tricks and turns that make this album a much deeper listen than his previous works.

In the previous albums, there were usually spells of angry glitching and fragile classical melodies that get snapped over the knees by this glitching, this time around, theres a much wider array of sounds. For example, in the track You Will Not Avoid, the instrumentation takes an interesting turn with some wavering synth, followed by some anti-social drums. Then, to further the mix around, some heavy guitars come in, very simple guitars, but the aggressive change in pace shows DeLarge’s willingness to experiment. Paper Plane, also offers a fine bounty of sounds with it’s second and final verse, when the drums and the tremolo picked guitars come in.

It feels like this is Alexander DeLarge’s growing university album, where he sexually experiments, tries new things, all that sort of stuff. There are more wind instruments, like the flute-thing (?) in the short Mystical Dream number, and there’s some bombastic brass going off in Keep On. It’s this kind of experimentation that will further his composing capabilities. As it stands though, it looks like DeLarge has perfectly good footing in where he wants his sound to be.

He’s not afraid to go back to that more stripped back, pretty piano sound that he favours from his album, Selected Works and this is great; it’s where some of his best compositions have come from. Untrodden Worlds is a gorgeous number that makes use of his slow and beautiful piano play, with a number of small electronic elements thrown in to add some texture to the playing. Said elements come in with the synth that sounds so pure you’d think it were a virgin.

I’m still a massive fan of how Alexander actually puts these tracks and his glitches together; there’s never a moment where it felt excessive or unnecessary; each time it added to the slow breakdown/build-up of a song. Again, I think You Will Not Avoid, is the best example of this. Drums and beats on this release sound consistent and interesting, even the little uhn tiss’ on tracks like: Check Your Pulse and Take Me Anywhere. Speaking of which, Take Me Anywhere is probably my favourite track.

It’s simple, has plenty of adorable little electronic elements to it and the pacing is just nice and… not uplifting, but blissful. Best track, in my opinion.

Vista Point is proving that Alexander DeLarge is still on point and can continue to give big names a run for their money.

Alexander’s album is on Bandcamp right now for a, Pay What You Want, price so if you like it, give him a listen and maybe some money.


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